Compatibility with scorpio man and scorpio woman

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Zodiac Compatibility Views. These two water elements together make a flood. Still, there are differences between the characters of male and female Scorpios.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

Being together can make their seventh life heaven or a living hell. Mostly when two Scorpios meet, they recognize each other and bond instantly. In a Scorpio woman Scorpio man Compatibility , both fall in love easily and make serious commitments very fast. There is a lot of intensity in this relationship. As a result, it makes them truly miss each other even in the very beginning of the relationship. This is because no other person will understand Scorpio at the same level as another Scorpio. They can share their deepest secrets to one another.

This couple can truly communicate with any words.

Gemini And Scorpio Compatibility.

After that, we ended it. They are each financially stable, which means they can afford a comfortable household without any argument. It really depends on their natal chart as well and how good the understanding is between them. Toggle navigation. The element of Gemini is which is ruled by Mercury and it is the third sign in the astrology calendar. They can make all their dreams come true in unison, and experience a wonderful life together. I being a scorpio male often times knew about it.

Scorpio woman Scorpio man in love feels very comfortable with each other. Scorpios are quite synchronized as a couple, and because of that, they can avoid lengthy discussions about certain things. In fact, there are some topics this couple should avoid in order not to get into serious arguments. Scorpios find it easy just to be with each other- there is no need for words. They stimulate the other person and can get very carried away in the discussion.

Gemini And Scorpio Compatibility - How will it work out?

Sometimes even to a point, when they start to fight. Scorpios can motivate each other to reach for new horizons and become more successful. They always have topics to talk about, and sometimes they are very controversial. Since they can both trust each other so well, they are not afraid of expressing opinions that others might find disturbing. For both male and female Scorpios, it is difficult to find people they can talk about the mystical things in life, but another Scorpio will share the same enthusiasm about this topic. The sex life of two Scorpios is mostly amazing.

They connect with each other deeply simply because they instinctively know what the other one is thinking. The physical and emotional bond between them exists from the very first time they meet each other. They have a lot of fun with each other, and they can push many boundaries.

There is rarely anything boring in their life, and also in their sex life. The most amazing thing about this couple is that they fight rough, and they can also take these emotions in the bedroom, but process them during sex. It is the best way how Scorpio can express. Therefore, they will create an environment for themselves that they will not want to leave. They feel so comfortable with each other that they are capable of doing nothing- just staying home.

Usually, the Scorpio male prefers this kind of living, because he mostly uses his energy in advancing his career. They both have to compromise about free time activities, because too much staying in can make both of them bored, and they might lose the spark between them. It is not easy lying to this man because nothing remains unnoticed. He is a master of catching people telling lies, and once that happens, it is hard to say whether that will cause the end of the relationship between the Scorpio man and that person.

They would feel suspicious all the time and that itself could be enough to ruin a relationship. These men are brutally honest themselves and they are like that towards themselves as well. These men require honesty with them regardless of the circumstances. These men like solving difficulties. They love women who represent a mystery and a puzzle to solve.

The more this situation lasts, the better.


He will have time to fall in love with her. These men are not saints. They usually have a lot of relationships with women, sometimes multiple ones.

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They are also known to change partners. The main reason is their need for challenge and love for physical intimacy. Deep down, these men crave for a strong emotional bond with a woman. Scorpio men are water sign, and although they appear fierce and intimidating, they are in fact very emotional and vulnerable. When they are hurt by someone, they tend to suffer a long time. In such cases they tend to exhibit different forms of behavior, from a desire for revenge and punishment, to complete retreat and self-punishment.

These men and women also are often destructive or self-destructive in nature. Their destructiveness often manifests as aggression and violent behavior, while their self-destructiveness manifests as an affinity towards addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex addiction, etc.

When the Scorpio man falls deeply in love with a woman, he usually completely changes his behavior. He stops dating other women and becomes entirely devoted to his love. This man is passionate, but also very gentle and tender when he feels deep emotions towards someone.

He is capable of adoring his woman, and doing impossible things for her. Scorpio men are real men in every sense of that word, and they have a traditional approach to the roles of men and women in relationships. They consider their role as the role of the provider and the main organizer in the relationship. They respect when their woman is confident and has her attitude, as well as when she is successful and independent, but they want her to be the woman while he will be the man when they are together. If a woman they are with cannot accept that, that could be a great problem for the relationship to be a lasting one.

The Scorpio woman and the Scorpio man have many similarities of character. They are both very passionate and determined, and they possess a great amount of energy. Like Scorpio men, Scorpio women possess magnetic attractiveness. Men are often mesmerized by their powerful mysterious personality and their strength.

These women are very sexy and men find it hard to resist them. Although they are straightforward and not afraid to tell what they mean, these women highly value themselves. They are also very intelligent and cannot be manipulated.


They also cannot be lied to. Like Scorpio men, these women have built-in radar to detect dishonesty and lies. These women are highly intuitive and often have some psychic gifts. They are also interested in pseudosciences, such as numerology or astrology, and many of them practice these skills. They are fascinated by mysteries and secrets. Because of their unusual character, abilities, and interests, many people consider them intimidating.

These women cannot easily forgive being lied to.