Pisces ascendant compatibility

Descendant Pisces

If, however, your feelings are questioned then you become introspective, you tend to isolate yourself and become disheartened. Yet, even when you are isolated, you use an invisible touch of theatricality.

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You have, in any case, a strong artistic sensibility inside of you. Your existence is guided more by emotion than by logic. This is why you have a great ability to transcend things and be a leading figure in the art world, easily changing roles and personalities. You may be able to cultivate your emotions correctly and become a true visionary, instead of being stuck in a confused visionary jumble. You have boundless energy and enjoy constantly having new adventures. You work tirelessly to create a solid economic foundation, but often waste your money.

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Cafe Astrology interprets the Ascendant in all signs of the zodiac. Do you have a Libra Ascendant, or is Pisces your rising sign? Love Sign Compatibility. Pisces rising. Information about the ascendant or rising sign in Pisces in regard to love, sex, relationship, compatibility. Read how the stars influence your sexual.

Marriage is not one of your priorities. You may make a great profit from buying and selling property and on the stock exchange.

go to link You are a charismatic person with developed communications skills. You enjoy travelling, getting to know different cultures, enjoying yourself and playing. You are lucky at work, and will win your dream position, but also in your personal life, where you will have a happy marriage. You are beautiful and dependable and can achieve your goals through your cleverness and good manners.

You seek a partner who is romantic and creative with whom to start a family, which will be your reference point in life. The entertainment, food, restaurant and hotel sectors will prove profitable if you involve yourself seriously with them. You are sensitive and vulnerable and have an artistic soul.

You have the need for confirmation and the acceptance of other people, which gives you the strength to continue impetuously towards the conquest of your goals. The creation of a happy family is your main priority, but your love of the sea could make you a good shipowner! You have a beautiful and vibrant fantasy, which makes you more of a dreamer than a doer when it comes to making your goals a reality. You are friendly and sensitive and feel the need to be surrounded by friends and to have a long-term partner.

You have that rare quality of being able to understand others and to encourage them in their efforts, and this makes you very popular and sought after. You are very romantic and sensitive but the strong influence of the water element means that your emotions are fickle. You may live abroad for a while and this is where you will be able to overcome your introspectiveness.

You are charitable and humanitarian, sensitive and vulnerable. You have great ambitions but are often lacking in determination and need the encouragement of others.

Pisces Ascendant Astrology - Love, Relationships, Career, Marriage Prediction

Your partner will offer you the emotional stability you require and will help you greatly, contributing in various ways to the achievement of your goals. You have a captivating personality and an attractive appearance, as your serious nature in combination with your dreamy gaze make you appear mysterious in the eyes of others.

Many people would like to dive into the depths of your soul, but you must choose your friends and partner according to strict criteria. You are a great idealist and exceptionally sensitive. You might fight for global ideals but ignore your own needs, as you want to feel that you have made your own little contribution to building a better world. The double influence of Neptune makes you exceptionally sensitive and very romantic. You have an artistic and sensitive nature as you care less for material and economic rewards and more for the joy that you get from being creative.

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A career in the arts will help you find solutions and contribute to a positive psychological outlook. Read more here about the characteristics of another ascendant. The Planet Ruling your Ascendant. Date Modified: 24 Feb HoroscopeFriends. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience and provide personalised content.

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By continuing to use our website you acknowledge and agree to that. This of course can help them develop their abilities in arts — more particularly in the ones that are rather abstract such as poetry and dancing.

Compatibility Guide

They have this eerie atmosphere surrounding them, as if they do not belong to our material world but just happen to have a presence here. These characteristics may make them loners and quiet, preferring to be on the edge of groups rather than in the center of attention. In their relationships, natives with a Pisces Ascendant tend to have the passive role, while also idealizing their partners.

Such people tend to be rather romantic, fascinated by the concept of pure selfless love. They have huge capacities of developing emotions, but can get easily disappointed as other signs usually do not reach the same levels of selfless giving. Pisces Rising people though can experience their own fairy-tales, even if the reality is totally different from how they perceive it in their minds.

Pisces Rising people are not famous for having the most robust bodies. Their organisms tend to be a bit fragile, and many times any body issues that appear are not visible due to the veil of fog that the sign applies. This is why Pisces Ascendant people should regularly do check-ups, to prevent any possible hidden problems.

How to Seduce a Pisces Sun, Moon & Rising

In addition, such people should guard against depression and mental diseases, which can later develop into something more material as the mind is of course connected to the body. In any case, they should abstain as much as they can from alcohol, drugs and even be careful with medication and poisons; all these Neptunian substances can create problems if consumed without being careful. Their appearance can be of a pale nature, as many times happen when a water sign occupies the Ascendant point.

Their characteristics tend to be oval or round, especially concerning their face. Big eyes, with light or even blue colors — that seem to be abstractly looking inside you rather than towards you. They usually have small and beautifully emphasized feet, which can also be a part of their body that is very sensitive to touch. Their height is below average, and there can be tendencies to gain some kilograms especially in the latter stages of their lives. Always have in mind that any planet present near the Ascendant point will definitely alter both the physical appearance and the characteristics of the native.

We could say that in the first 10 degrees of the first house it will have the strongest influence on the Ascendant, while also the last 5 degrees of the 12th house. To understand better your body, your Ego and how they function you should analyze all those planetary influences. This is why knowing your Ascendant does not necessarily mean jumping to correct conclusions about your life. You can use our free natal chart generator , in order to understand better not only your Rising Sign but also any possible planets that are present near it.

Also, do not forget to pay attention to your natal Neptune placement in the houses and signs, so that you discover the functions of your chart ruler and how it will affect your life and priorities. Finally, do not forget to read the article about natal Neptune in the 1st house, as it has many similarities to having a Pisces Ascendant. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page and join our Astrology Community Facebook Group , where you can take part in conversations and vote about next articles to be written!

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