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Read the latest in astrological trends by Susan Miller. Your life in 3D: culture, style, Read this month's horoscope by Susan Miller. Select your sign for your. Scorpio Necklaces by Sequin NYC Sequin NYC's Star Maps Jewelry features several different zodiac charms and necklaces for January is included.

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Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio by Deborah Browning:

What's Your Sign? Share Tweet Pin Copy. No, really. I'm interested. Enter here to win! Taking the crown from Leo, today you begin your thirteen-month reign of astrological adoration.

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The Beauty Prescription: Ask yourself this: What do you want to look like when your dreams come to fruition? Perfect skin? Bombshell blowout? And what would any red-letter day be without red lipstick? Preparing to take its turn as the astrological favorite in September —which marks the end of an eleven-year celestial cycle and the beginning of a new life chapter—today should be spent as a kind of cleanse. Come to a settled, balanced place—this is a great time to get new perspective on the world.

The Beauty Prescription: With the day falling in your twelfth house, this is a moment for a total detox.

Susan Miller

Trade your coffee addiction for antioxidant-rich tea, start a food cleanse, or purify your skin. So after a year spent working on solitary career goals, today you should shift your focus outward.

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The Forecast: Welcome to the biggest career year of your life, Sagittarius. The Beauty Prescription: Simply put: Dress for the job you want!

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Scorpios are called intense. Your resilience and ability to rebound from devastating circumstances continually surprises everyone around you. Your passion is vividly evident in all you do and allows you to grasp your goal, despite obstacles.

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The eclipses, always harbingers of change, layered their messages over the situation with retrograde Mars in July and August. The second Decan Cancer personality is characterised by mystery, secrecy and psychic ability. Get Susan Miller's Mobile App. The house of partnership rules all kinds of collaborations, not just marriages. The New Moon of the 3rd is emphasizing areas of your life concerned with release, finalizations and for some, seclusion.

Your professional life can span law, finance, or medicine, for in each area it takes a concentrated devotion to succeed—and succeed you will. Scorpio is a fixed sign, which makes you an enduringly loyal friend, and particularly faithful in marriage, which you expect from your partner. A Scorpio mates for life.

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You are a water sign, your emotions run deep; and for you, what is private stays private. In love, you are hypnotic. When you meet someone new you wish to know, although the party may be crowded, your magnetic gaze says it all. Your concentration on that person is madly flattering. Your sign is considered the sexy sign. You are a joy to your mate, a sparkling jewel to treasure forever.

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